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Car for Hire in Evansville, IN

At Comaier Services Inc., our chauffeur services are second to none. Let us provide you with superior corporate and personal transportation services in Evansville, McCuthanville, Chandler, and Newburgh, IN, so you can arrive in style or make a statement to your guests. We have a full fleet and dependable drivers to get you where you need to go, giving you peace of mind every mile along the way.
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Corporate and personal transportation services

Executive, group and airport transfers


Pre-wedding day events, wedding day, honeymoon/airport transfer

Special occasions

Prom, sporting events, concerts and more

Reliable Limo Services

We know that whether you need a limousine or a car for hire, luxury, quality and reliability are your top priorities. We offer a large selection of limousines and corporate cars for all your personal transportation service needs. Our vehicles are perfect for individual or large group transportation, and our drivers are fully dedicated to your comfort and convenience.

We also provide funeral auto livery services. We take care of all your transportation needs at a time when togetherness matters most. Our fleet includes well-kept hearses, limousines, and lead cars for a private, compassionate atmosphere before and after funeral and burial services.

Our Luxury Vehicles

The perfect vehicle for your needs is always ready for your convenience, and we offer affordable rates on our chauffeur services that our competitors can’t match. Our fleet of luxury vehicles in Evansville, IN includes everything from sedans to vans, accommodating groups of all sizes:

  • Cadillac Sedans
  • Cadillac Presidential Style limousine
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Grand Caravans
  • Fifteen-Passenger Van

Evansville’s Best Chauffeur Services

Whether you need an airport transfer, personal transportation services to a special event, or even a simple ride around town, Comaier Services Inc. has the car for hire to take you there. Book your chauffeur services, security control, or pilot car today and contact us by calling 812-422-8515.